How Often Should You Buy New Pillows And How Do You Get The Best Deals?

When is it time to get new pillows? Typically, the answer to that question is every year or every two years. Yet there are pillows out there like the ‘My Pillow’ that are supposed to last longer. Have you ever had a good feather pillow? If you like those types of pillows, they are great for sure. Yet just because you get a feather pillow or a memory foam pillow doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever.

That’s especially the case these days. I always hate to say that companies make things cheaper these days, but it’s just the simple truth. It doesn’t mean that you can’t buy quality products, but the quality just doesn’t last as long. Think of the days when companies made cars out of more steel than fiberglass. While products are made more cheaply these days, that can be looked at in positive way, too.

You see, you’re always buying new. That keeps us coming back for more as consumers. Truth be told, pillows go through a lot. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea, even with pillow protectors, to change out your pillows every year or two. That’s the recommendation anyway.

As to finding great deals, look for the discount bins at department stores. That is one way to get the job done. I found two excellent memory foam pillows in a package deal for $20. I subsequently went back and purchased another two pack. Two good memory foam pillows for $20 is a steal.

There are ways to find great deals online, too. You might find sales on bedding supplies, online promo codes to use and more. You just never know what you’re going to find until you take a look. It’s really interesting how those promo codes and coupons can sometimes come in handy to the tune of a discount that seems too good to be true.

It’s one thing to walk into a department store and get a discount, and it’s a whole different store to apply a promo code to your shopping cart when you are already getting a discount on the pillows in the first place. It pays to search for pillow sales because not only will you spend less money, but you might get a better quality product.

Recently, I went to purchase a rug with a rewards coupon that I was given by a department store. The rug was $19.99, and my coupon was for $5 off. However, the rug was also on sale for $14.99 because of a Black Friday Sale. So I purchased what was normally a $20 rug for $10, half price.

There are all kinds of ways to get deals on pillows, other bedding supplies and more. If it’s been awhile since you’ve purchased new pillows, then it’s time to take a look at what’s out there. Don’t spend an arm and a leg because you’re going to be changing out those pillows a year or two from now. At the same time, however, get pillows that are very comfortable.

So, what kind of movies could help you sleep?

You could search online and find list after list giving you the best movies to put you to sleep.

Which is why you are thinking of the most boring movies you have ever watched. Those had you nodding off in the first 10 minutes. This still does not get us where we are going. Just because a movie causes your eyes to drop closed in boredom does not give you quality sleep.

What we are looking for are movies designed to make you sleep deeper. Movies that can help you relax.

One example is ASMR videos. This stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a fancy way of saying sights and sounds which provide a relaxing almost sedative response in your brain. These videos have become very popular on YouTube and other video sharing sites. If you decide to try an ASMR video, make sure it is designed for sleep, not a more arousing feeling.

Another popular type of movie to have on at night are the white noise videos. They provide sounds like ocean waves, an airplane cabin, rain on the roof or a trickling stream. These sounds can help you relax and drown out other noises which may be keeping you awake.

Make sure you choose a movie that does not have flashing graphics or sudden explosive sounds which will wake you up.

Hypnosis movies and soundtracks can help with sleep, too. This can include subliminal messages being whispered at levels you can just barely hear, or can be a guided hypnosis track. Guided tracks talk you through relaxing and then ease you into sleeping with soft music or white noise.

One of my favorite movies for going to sleep is a campfire on the beach. The crackling sounds of the fire, the breeze in the trees and the waves rolling in create a very relaxing atmosphere. The night-time fire gives off enough light in the room, but is not too much to keep me awake. It is a great balance.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep, queue up one of those boring movies to get you nodding off, but make sure it is followed up with a soft sleep enhancing movie featuring ASMR sounds or white noise.

Movies can help you sleep better, if you take the time to choose the right kind. Hopefully these ideas will help you get a better night of sleep.